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As I read various news sources I have noticed a tendency. Nearly every article of supposed relevance is full of ‘anonymous sources’, ‘individuals not authorized to release information’ or ‘reliable sources’. Leaking unattributed information to control the media has become a cottage industry in Washington. Freedom of the press not withstanding, the press is losing credibility with the loss true reporting. When I read articles full of such drivel, I immediately dismiss the source who is afraid to stand up and make the statements with full disclosure.

According to reliable sources I am still a handsome man. Well, that is what my family and friends tell me, and they have always been reliable. How often are friends of the reporter the source of their ‘leaks’?  Honest media should only rely on anonymous sources when there is no other way to publish the information, and only under close scrutiny and considerable verification.

Using the revelations of individuals with an ax to grind, political or personal agendas or just plain old egomania without them identifying themselves serves no purpose other then promoting those agendas. If you have something to say, say it and own it. Don’t slink around in the shadows whispering behind the backs of those you disapprove of.

Journalists need to be more forthcoming as to who told them what. Other wise it is just the unsubstantiated yellow journalism that the rag publications thrive on. Don’t complain about the demise of the print media when you are no longer reporting facts. We can hear all the rumors we want without you.


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