Do you know what a near fact is?

Do you know? Your government sure does and uses them without thought.

You know what a ‘fact’ is.  You remember them from middle school, don’t you?  We all had to learn the basic ‘facts’ and take a test to see if we retained the knowledge.

A math teacher shows you how to break down a story problem into ‘factors’.  Remember those long problems – still hate those things.

History teaches us to look in the past for ‘artifacts’.  They tell us what happened years ago maybe in warning?  But…  what is a near fact?

After reading and wondering at the articles spewed out by our government, I think it’s time to award a new word to our political landscape.  Enter the ‘near fact’!  You see, our dear trusted government has been using ‘near facts’ for years, only, we didn’t have a name for it.  Well, we did but it would print like this @#*&^%$)).  Now we have a new term to use when, well, there just isn’t a logical or sane word to fit the boloney coming from our congress and President.

A ‘near fact’ is just what it sounds like.  A ‘near fact’ isn’t a fact, it doesn’t even look or feel like a fact.  A ‘near fact’ is a statement made to look and seem like the real thing but in reality is NOT!  It may have been ‘near’ to a fact at one time – as in, in the same building or state, or maybe printed in the same country, but that is as close to the Truth as it comes.

Now you know and can readily use the new term – near fact.  Use it when you read the next ‘official’ document or briefing.  you’ll see what I mean.

Oh, and pass it on.  Your neighbor or friend might be as mystified as you.

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