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Born gay and gay marriage

Listening to the radio about Western Conservative Summit not letting Log Cabin Republicans have a booth reminded  me of the illogical claims of the gay rights movement.  Craig Silverman brought up that gays were born the way they are.  All of us have heard this, but I have seen no logical or scientific evaluation of this claim.  I have even tried to talk to gays about this issue and they refuse to even go close to the subject.  It is completely illogical, unscientific and irrational to claim all gays are born gay.  This is merely a claim to silence any opposition to the gay rights movement.  True science would tell you that maybe a percentage of people are born gay, but never all.  A true evaluation of the issue would look at many factors.  I am sure a large percentage of gays, reasons and choices influenced them to becoming gay.  I do not deny that some may be born with gay tendencies.  Just because you have a weakness to something, does not mean you should or have to do that behavior.

What does it mean to be born gay.  Some men are really feminine, yet are heterosexuals.  So it is not necessarily your behavior.  Does it solely mean how and with whom you have sex?   Should we even define a group of people by this standard?  Do heterosexuals support the idea of being born gay, because they want to forbade the possibility that they would ever have sex with the same sex?  Are you gay because you have one gay encounter?  What about bisexuals?

My point is that it is a very complex issue.  People can even choose to do gay sex for a while and then switch back or vise versa.  Why do men, in their older age decide to be gay.  Is it all just the cookie cutter answer that they were always gay and just didn’t know it?  Sure you have the testimonials, but 20/20 hindsight with motivation to justify ones behavior is not very reliable.  Why is there a disproportionate number of gay people in the arts?  Is it just because gay people flock to the arts or is peer pressure and choice come into play?  There is also the problem of guilt, sin and justification.  If it is bad behavior, then there is guilt involved.  Attempts to absolve guilt can lead to all kinds of irrational behavior and thinking.  One behavior seen in America today is trying to destroy anyone who would implicate that their behavior is wrong.

I don’t hate gay people or the lgbt community.  They are who they are.  I strongly disagree with them proselytizing our children.  It is ideal for a man and woman to marry.  That is the wise and most viable way to go that generally leads to the greatest good.  Homosexuality and gay marriage have many issues that are less desirable.  There is a higher suicide rate among them for one.  Drug use seems to coincide with young homosexual men.  Disease and injury are also a problem.  Psychological effects on kids not having a parent of both sexes can also be a factor.  But, all of these problems can occur with any sexual promiscuity.  It would be best to promote to children abstinence until marriage with someone of the opposite sex.  The fact that many people will stray from the ideal does not mean that you change the ideal.  Countless cultures throughout history, including the Judeo/Christian culture have held this ideal and taught it to their children.

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