Love vs. Hate

Will money determine which type of society Americans will live in?

First, let me come out as a self identified Lesbian and the very rare Lesbian Republican. Now that I am out to both sides. As I like to think of it. Let me ask you will Memories Pizza and the resulting controversies lead to an America that will decide how our country conducts it’s self at a societal level? I think it will here is why, With today’s social media ideas spread far and wide,  we still see more polarization in our society then ever from Travon martin to Gay Rights and the oft forgotten Women’s Rights. We see a distinct trend in  people to group together and defend themselves vigorously if they feel attacked by another segment of society.

Wait, you say money has always controlled society’s choices, yes that is true to an extent. However, never before at the level of polarization hate and intolerance we a society suffer today. Current events: African Americans are up in arms over the treatment of their people many years after freedom and forty plus years of rights even with a colored President and Attorney General. Gays are seeking the freedom to marry and the expectation of fair treatment in the workplace.  Women’s rights seem to have fallen by the wayside. As young women act as adults at younger and younger ages. Nor. do young women seem to appreciate the freedoms obtained for them through Civil Rights actions. As a white person I can tell that even most whites feel marginalized.

So into this environment ready for real chaos enters Indiana and The Freedom of Religion Act which whether intentionally or not subjugates gays to second class citizens. Also brings a need for conservatives and religions to feel the need protect themselves. All natural when feeling threatened. Let me take  a minute here to condemn both sides for immaturity and death threats. Try talking to one another. Memories Pizza caused a wave of controversies by speaking out for a law that most find offensive. In an effective campaign by gays not to beg for freedom choose instead to educate and remind you that you know us. As we do you we all have the same fears, expectations and dreams. It is what this country was founded on.

The principle that all men are created equal and we still after two hundred years are working on it. I now feel the principles of the Constitution and The Civil Rights Acts which protect individual freedoms, may collapse entirely. The money raised on Go Fund Me that was raised for the Company demonstrates not only the polarization, hate and fear will soon take power in this country. A sad thought for anyone who values American freedom. Money has been called the route of all evil, in this case it shows people are not afraid to pony up the dough if their freedoms are threatened.

I believe society is on the brink of losing itself in hate or love. That money for the upcoming elections in the form of donations will determine the course of history the battle, I am calling Love vs. Hate. I myself choose love. I understand you do not like my choices nor I yours. What difference should that make on a Easter Sunday when families and friends join together in any fellowship.

Money will be the deciding factor in this battle for rights,

Which side will you be on? Maybe we could talk it over with some pizza?


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