Lindsey Graham, America’s next neoconservative President?

Lindsey Graham is exactly what the neoconservatives need.

Ladies and gentlemen, neoconservatism is back. At least this is the impression that Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is presenting on his official website and to the public square as he seeks the Republican nomination for President.

For those not familiar with the firebrand of Sen. Graham, here’s a brief biography. He graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1977. A year after graduating college, he joined The United States Air Force, and served as a Guardsman for 33 years, followed by a stint in the Air Force Reserves where he earned rank as a colonel.

After his military service, Graham ventured into politics. In 1992 he was elected in the South Carolina House of Representatives, where he served for one term. Then in 1995 he won election to serve his state in The United States House of Representatives. In 2003 he won a seat in The United States Senate with a 60 percent vote from South Carolinian’s. He won reelection in the Senate in 2015.

Insight into Graham’s career background, it should be of no surprise then that he remains steadfast in his neoconservatism as he seeks the 2016 presidency. And trust he will not be a man to mince his war philosophy, nor flip flop on his national defense position. He’s far removed from Mitt Romney, who changed day-by-day his positions to fit his political agenda. Nope, Sen. Graham will have none of that. He’s faithful to his war hawk position, like Christians are faithful to the bible, and far-right social conservatives are against same-sex marriage.

On the subject of national defense, his website provides a glimpse of what American’s would be in store for, should he win the presidency.

1. Join Lindsey Graham in securing our nation and our future
2. We’ve faced enough uncertainty
3. Let’s deliver security through strength
4. Ready To Be Commander-in-Chief On Day One. [As we are] faced with threats from around the world
5. America needs a leader ready to take command
6. Never Backing Down From A Challenge
7. We deserve a President who’s #ReadyForCommand on Day One
8. Security Through Strength
9. Strong Leadership for a Secure, Prosperous Nation

His website proceeds to break his stance into three categories, being, “Our nation, Our Future, Our Values.” For “our nation” he says, “Our country faces grave threats at home. We need a president who is prepared to be Commander-in-Chief on Day One [who] will take the steps necessary to secure our nation, and will restore American leadership around the world.” American Exceptionalism is neoconservatism 101.

CNN reports Sen. Graham war hawk expressions as “doom and gloom,”considering Americans are polar have long exhausted war fervor and spreading exceptionalism. Yet the same isolationist are concerned about ISIS and the rise of radical Islamic followers. This fear is exactly what neoconservatives desire.

The next tenant on his website is “our future.” On the subject he says, “Strong families, constitutional liberties, and the sanctity of life form the bedrock on which our nation was founded. As president, I would protect our nation’s values.” Nice move Sen. Graham, adding your pro life philosophy and constitutional affirmation.

On “our values” he says, “Our future prosperity depends on our commitment to bold action and practical solutions on everything from energy independence to preparing for the retirement of the Baby Boomers.” It will be interesting to watch Sen. Graham, as well as other Republicans pose privatization of retirement accounts. Thus far, it’s gone amiss. Older citizens truly are a “Don’t tread on me,” generation.

Currently Sen. Graham ranks at 1 percent in the Republican primary. Still, Sen. Graham is so serious about his war hawkishness neoconservatism that he doesn’t care if Americans are over war, because if he deems it appropriate, we are going to war. So ISIS you better beware. And too the soldiers and civilians: Get down on your knees and pray.

Though Americans are lukewarm on another war, one must contend the 13 months left before the election could be a game change in attitude and opinion. Americans change direction every day, and it’s all about perception in the moment, not the past. And change is what Sen. Lindsey Graham needs.

As ISIS continues to rise and destroy lives in Iraq, as well as other parts of the Middle East, along with small pockets of the United States and Europe — maybe just maybe Sen. Lindsay Graham might be able to achieve what his friend Sen. John McCain could not.

After all, he’s “A fighter who doesn’t back down from a challenge,” and “A conservative who gets things done,” who is “A leader who puts our country above all.” If you disagree well “Don’t vote for me,” says Sen. Graham.

Fulton is a freelance writer from Manassas and has a bachelor’s degree in political science from American Military University. Her political commentary appeared in The Washington Post, The Hill, Baltimore Sun, and Roanoke Times. Follow her on twitter @blackgrlpoli or  Visit Quiana's website

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