Professional Politicians

Do you think the founding fathers ever envisioned a class of public servants such as our professional politicians? they don’t even bother to finish the terms they are elected to and get paid for before they are campaigning for another office. How can a gov of a state fulfill his commitment to his electorate if he is spending most of his time on running for a senatorial seat or for president? How can congressman give due diligence to understanding the bills before them if they spend all their time at party and campaign functions? Do they just give the bills to staffers and then vote whatever the staffer tells them to? (yes). We need our elected officials to start doing their jobs. Any elected official that wants to run for any position other then they currently hold should be required to resign that post first. If they aren’t committed enough to run for another post that they are willing to resign, we don’t need them.

I can not imagine a scenario where anyone holding down a job would be allowed to stay on the payroll and spend all of his/her time for years, doing interviews for a different job.

We need to start making them earn their outrageous pay scales and benefit packages.¬† Maybe if we had normal citizens running for office and elected to those offices some of the circus that currently reflects our state of gov affairs would change. Average citizens with no political ax to grind, ¬†could do no worse then our current crop of elected officials in the management of this nation’s affairs. In my reading of the writings of the founding fathers, I think this is closer to their intent.

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