The 8-Point Argument Against Gun Control

I completely oppose Gun Control in any measure. I oppose any minor or major infringement on the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States which is why I am writing this article. I can’t go silent any longer. I can’t “stand on the sidelines” anymore, knowing it’s time for me to get in the game.

I have one main purpose behind creating this article, and that is to give you all the ammunition you need (no pun intended) in your arguments for supporting the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

It’s my hope that this will not only be of great educational value to you, but that you’ll also be able to reference it in helping educate those around you. Education is the key to restoring America’s true values and that starts with you and me!

1. The Constitution of the United States

Either you believe the Constitution is the backbone of our Nation or you don’t. If you do, then you know that Gun Control in any measure is absolutely against the 2nd Amendment and therefore against the Bill of Rights. If you don’t, then my friend you don’t know your American history. You don’t understand it. You don’t comprehend what the Revolution of  1776 was all about and what those men and women sacrificed for us to have peace and freedom in our day.

2. In Order To Change Or Even Infringe On the 2nd Amendment, You Need To Amend The Constitution

What’s happening today involving gun laws throughout this country is frankly, unconstitutional. Did you know that the word “Infringed” is used in the 2nd Amendment?

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” – Amendment II

What does “Infringe” mean exactly? Well a quick look-up in the dictionary shows you that it means to “actively break the terms of a law, agreement” and “act so as to limit or undermine something.”

Yes my friends, even the simplest and smallest of gun laws “infringe” this law. In other words, if politicians in Washington want to create a new law that regulates what modifications you have to an Assault Rifle or how many bullets a magazine can hold, those laws have to follow the Amendment process outlined in Article V in the Constitution of the United States.

3. Protection Against Government IF Government Goes Bad

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson

I have found that many people are quite confused on the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. They’re not quite sure WHY it’s there. If you watch the news, the only argument you will ever really hear is the one concerning crime. While protecting yourself and your loved ones from crime is part of why the 2nd amendment is in place, there’s a bigger reason why that needs to be discussed more often.

Notice the part where it says “to the security of a free State.” The 2nd Amendment is there to help protect the American people from bad government and tyrants. It’s there to protect us from potentially having our own “Hitler” type situation. What am I referencing here? Starting in 1928 (just five years before Hitler) and proceeding until 1938, German policy makers enacted several laws which eventually led to the Nazi Weapons Law in 1938. These laws disarmed German citizens and more importantly, disarmed those of Jewish ethnicity. We all unfortunately know how this story ends.

4. Criminals Will Be Criminals

Next comes protection against crime and criminals in general. Rather than boring you with stats I will let you research the data on your own that proves communities with looser gun laws are safer than those communities with stricter gun laws.

Just remember this one important fact; criminals will always break laws! So simply enacting laws that prohibit guns in any way only prohibits good people. Criminals will be criminals and break new gun laws just as frequently as they are breaking current gun laws.

5. Protection Against Oppression

If you are an American pay attention to this one. If you are a Minority who is also an American, pay special attention. The war on the 2nd Amendment is closely related to the war on Minorities. In other words, the 2nd Amendment is a Civil Rights Issue.

Gun laws were used on African American slaves in the pre Civil War era of the United States. Why? Well of course, to keep them as slaves and to keep them from revolting. If those gun laws weren’t in place, the slavery issue in this country could have been solved much much earlier. And it doesn’t just end there.

Even after the Civil War when African American’s were supposed to have rights, Gun Laws were still enacted constantly that made it difficult and sometimes impossible, for an African American to own a firearm of any kind. These laws were being conveniently enacted at the same time the KKK was at it’s height, using what were called Knight Riders to attack and murder innocent African Americans that were unarmed. You can read more details on this in The Racist Roots of Gun Control.

Knowing this dark history in our nation, if liberals really want equality for all Minorities as they claim, wouldn’t they want Minorities to have guns?

Quick break: I know i’m giving you a ton to read here… so i’ll speed things up…

6. Never Exchange Personal Liberty For Safety

Our politicians would have us believe that by simply giving the Government more power to enact and enforce new safety laws, that they will be better able to protect us citizens. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Instead what we find is the Government creating new laws that are used to infringe on our personal liberties and freedom. Want an example? Think about The Patriot Act of 2001 and the resulting NSA. Did that make us safer? Did that limit our personal liberties as Americans?

7. Local Police Are Underfunded and Undermanned

Local Police forces, especially in major cities in the U.S are continually being underfunded and as a result are becoming undermanned! This is a frightening fact especially considering the constant upward trends in overall domestic crime. If watching the news teaches us anything, it’s that the police can’t always be there on time! The last line of protection between an innocent American and a criminal is the gun. It’s just that simple.

And one more point. Rather than Washington D.C wasting millions of dollars on trying to push through Gun Legislation, why don’t we instead reinvest those funds into local police forces throughout our country?

8. The Political Agenda Is WAY Too Obvious!

Put yourself in a politicians shoes. If you were really serious about fixing gun violence in this Country, you’d focus on these specific items for achieving the most success:

  • The Entertainment industry
  • The Drug trade
  • Building families and encouraging the idea of families
  • Supporting religious institutions
  • Proactively pursuing areas in Mental health
  • Cutbacks on big Government programs that allow financial room for reinvesting in local police efforts

Unless you’re trying to limit the personal liberties of American citizens of course. Then, you’d just go after the guns instead of wasting your time with the above mentioned items.

Also, if you really cared so much about saving lives, wouldn’t you focus on these issues first?

  • Abortion
  • Needless and Endless wars overseas
  • Drug abuse
  • Cancer research
  • AIDS research
  • Health Insurance

The critical point here is that our Government doesn’t care about any of these items I’ve just listed, at least not nearly as much as they care about taking away your guns! Which makes it obvious what their agenda truly is.


I wanted to create this article for you (and me) to have a better argument against Gun Control and any infringement on the 2nd Amendment. Far too many times a gun control debate leads to (liberal:) “your guns are killing innocent children” and (conservative:) “just try and take away my guns!”

These types of illogical and irrational arguments lead us nowhere! The fact is, there are many really important reasons why the 2nd Amendment is in place. And all Americans both Liberal and Conservative, are required by the Constitution to keep those rights in place.

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