The Compliance of the Passive Conservative

The Victory of Liberal Aggression

The modern conservative is a quiet soul. They are reserved and agreeable and thoroughly compliant. They ensure that the tenants espoused by modern Liberal aggression are followed. Some of these tenants would include political correctness, sensitivity to people’s personal insecurities (for we cannot have offensive words slung about unmonitored!), and unwavering dedication to the eradication of anything and everything that even hints at conservatism.

Conservatives of the new generation are taught at a young age that in order to avoid being bigoted, racist, homophobic, selfishly capitalist etc…you must either agree with the new order of things or suffer yourself silently in order to avoid being labeled one of those incredibly demeaning and embarrassing epithets of liberal aggression. Who wants to be called a bigot when they are just simply following their hearts and choosing to follow a different path? NO ONE! So thus, the conservative remains in quiet solitude.

The new conservative is passive. You must remain in silence while PRIDE parades march down your streets or anti-capitalist groups seal off free-way entrances or while violent race riots destroy private property with the blessing of city officials. If you deviate from your proscribed course, you will feel the wrath of the new establishment and its liberal bullying tactics. Hollywood, the President, and the Media have all given us their clear expectations, now we are all expected to follow in accordance with those expectations. Don’t even think about standing up for your beliefs in public or you will be humiliated, demeaned on social media, sued, and labeled something you know you really aren’t.


I remember when the great liberal enforcer Jaime Foxx went on SNL back in 2012 to promote his non-aggressive and racially inclusive fantasy Django Unchained. In front of a largely white audience he made it clear that in the movie he was able to “kill all of the white people”. The audience did as they are expected to do and they laughed hysterically. 40% of this country identifies as “conservative” so likely half of that audience was offended by the comments, but thankfully they did as they are asked, they went along with the program. Jaime Foxx’s “joke” was gracefully accepted by all! Double standards are accepted of course, as long as they are in the favor of the preferred liberal dogmas of our day.

Liberals have gained a great victory. They have cart blanche to say and do whatever they feel necessary in order to appear victimized, outcast, and brutalized by certain rogue elements such as people who adhere to traditional moral values, religious belief systems, family and marriage relations once considered a given, and those who believe it the duty of every person to take care of themselves. If they can succeed in making these rogue conservative elements appear old fashioned, out of touch, racist etc…then they will have won the day (and they usually do).

Conservative compliance to liberal bullying and aggression has reached an all-time high. How do I know that? Because America is still a conservative country, by and large. As mentioned previously, nearly 40% of Americans identify as Conservative (24% as liberal and 34% as moderate) according to this year’s Gallup poll. Yet the Liberal establishment through the grand trifecta (our President, the Courts, and the Media) has been able to ensure nearly full compliance of these Lilliputian conservative elements. The American liberal hegemony pulled off its own Saddam Hussein impression. In Iraq, 75% of the country is Shia, yet the 25% Sunni minority ran the show during the Saddam years, ensuring through violence (which is sometimes a necessity for bullies) that the majority was silent.

220px-Ingsoc_logo_from_1984.svgDo you remember when you first read George Orwell’s timeless classical liberal-socialist commentary 1984? In the book, the political system astutely named English Socialism or Ingsoc is merely representative of the same kind of arrangement dreamed of by the modern American Liberal of our real world. If only they could somehow get everyone on the same page, if force is necessary, then so be it. You will also recall how the protagonist of the story, Winston Smith, constantly found himself scared, intimidated, and brain washed into ensuring he was in lock-step with the program. He was perfectly compliant though. Our dear Winston is very much the type and shadow of the current conservative line of thinking. He was very well trained to fall in line with expectations.

Liberal bullying and aggression is well on its way to total victory. Just a repeat of the ground gained over the past 15 years by the liberal war machine and by 2030 we will all have much more in common with Winston Smith then we would like to admit!

Thankfully for the liberal we are a far cry from the fanatical James Madison, who believed that balance in all things was to be the America way. Who believed that interest groups and differing opinions would neutralize each other to a degree and keep radical elements from running amok. Who believed in a system of checks and balances to ensure everyone had a say, but no one was run over. The same James Madison who wrote the antiquated and hardly useful Constitution. Victory is nearly there for the Liberal Aggressor…America as a society has been rewritten and the only thing standing between 1984 and tomorrow is the last vestige of the NON-compliant conservatism, a dying breed.

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