The Principles We Are Forgetting in America

Today's news story is distracting us from the principles we should be discussing.

As you are reading this ask yourself one question… what is the biggest news story right now in America? Chances are, whatever it is, it’s a distraction and has nothing to do with the biggest issues we face as Americans.

So don’t get caught up in it! Focus on the bigger issues.

What are those big issues you ask? It’s simple. They are the issues that impact the very core principles we are supposed to believe in as Americans.

Unlike hot topic cultural and political issues, these principles don’t divide us. In fact, they bring us together.

The next time you find yourself in the midst of a heated political or cultural debate with someone, consider the following principles as things more important and worth talking about.

1. Individual Responsibility

I alone am responsible for my actions. Nobody else. Nobody else has the right to claim attribution for your successes in life. And the same goes for your failures. They are yours. You own them. As much as I would like to blame any failures of mine on my parents or my parents-parents, it does me no good to do so.

2. Self Government

Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff. When all is said and done, isn’t that what it’s all about? Don’t tell me how to live my life and I won’t tell you how to live yours. If you really care and love others, give them the right to free agency and to govern their own lives.

3. The Constitution

There’s a reason why the United States of America has lasted nearly 240 years (at the time of me writing this to you) as the freest, most peaceful, most economically successful nation in the history of the earth. It’s our Constitution. It’s the Constitution that keeps us together barely enough to last through the revolution, through slavery, through a Civil War, and through the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s.

The literal framework of how this country was setup and is supposed to run today, has proven itself time and time again throughout history to be an inspired configuration to say the least.

Without it, it’s easy to estimate that we would have fallen as a nation many years ago just like others around us.

4. Checks & Balances in Government

Maybe the most brilliant idea enforced in our Constitution is the checks and balances between the 3 branches of government. The Legislative (Congress), Judicial (Supreme Court) and Executive (Presidency) branches. The Constitution does a masterful job at outlining what each of these branches are allowed to do. It’s time we start adhering to this principle of checks and balances once again.

5. The Bill of Rights

Where would be without the freedom of speech? Without the freedom to assemble? Without the freedom of the press? And this is just the 1st Amendment of 10 that make up what we call the Bill of Rights.

We tend to take our Bill of Rights for granted in this country. But the fact is that no other major nation in the history of the world has maintained all of these rights for its citizens.

6. The Rule of Law

We have always believed in obeying the rule of law in this country as a general principle. Its hard to believe this is a principle that is being forgotten. But when the Federal Government begins breaking its own laws, we have to start discussing again how important this is to us.

The rule of law matters. Adhering to it matters. If you don’t like it, work with your fellow American to change the law. The Constitution has a process for doing so.

7. Federalism & State Sovereignty

The Constitution gives the Federal Government a very specific set of things it can do. The rest is left up to the States. This is called State Sovereignty and the specific set of things the Federal Government can do for those states is called Federalism.

Nowadays, the Federal Government is turning this idea of Federalism upside down and giving themselves complete power over the States. The effects of which are already beginning to prove catastrophic.

8. Free Market Capitalism

History proves time and time again… centrally planned economies don’t work. Free markets do. The freer the market, the more successful it is. The more the Federal Government tries to plan our economies for us, the poorer we become.

Unfortunately we are learning a hard new lesson today. It’s about Crony-Capitalism. It doesn’t work either.

9. The Sanctity of Life

All lives matter! Black lives and White lives. Hispanic lives and Asian lives. All lives! Adult lives and infant lives. History shows us (just research the Weimar Republic leading up to Nazi Germany) that Abortion leads to Infanticide. Infanticide leads to Euthanasia. Euthanasia leads to Genocide. Don’t believe me? Look it up for yourself. Do your own research.

10. Judeo-Christian Foundation

In this wonderful country of ours, you don’t have to believe in God. You don’t have to be part of a certain religious group or denomination and better yet, you don’t even have to be religious.

But you are fooling yourself if you don’t acknowledge the role of Judeo-Christian principles as the foundation of this Country and its founding. Discarding these principles results in the destruction of our free Nation.

So in final I give you this challenge…

Instead of discussing political talking points and hot topics with your friends and family, talk about the principles.

Let’s bring the American principles back to the forefront of the conversation!

Free market capitalist. Champion of small government. Fascinated by free market principles that are solutions to big problems. In my professional life, I am the VP of Marketing at Skyrocket Media.  Visit Chase's website

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