Thug Liberalism is a National Epidemic

With this past weekend’s events at a pool party run amok in McKinney, Texas, and a brawl between two women and one of the women’s children in a Walmart in Beech City, Indiana the nation once again is seeing the Fergusonization of events—all in the furtherance of thug liberalism.

Now, what is thug liberalism? Well, it’s the fact that the black community, and society at large, has been overrun and decimated by Democrat politics, starting in earnest with LBJ’s “Great Society” (sidenote: when the black community-destroying policies were put into place, President Johnson was overheard saying that he would have “N*****s voting Democrat for 200 years.”). It continues to this day with the black-community destroying policies of liberals and Barack Obama. Policies like over-regulation, which causes businesses to not hire people and leading to skyrocketing unemployment in the black community; failing schools—which foster lack of discipline and promote low expectations for minority children; cradle-to-grave entitlements—which enable laziness and crush self-esteem and self-worth; telling black mothers they don’t need fathers for their children and black fathers they don’t need to be there for their children, because the government will take care of them; excusing deplorable behavior towards law enforcement, excusing rioting and looting and destruction of private property—because the liberal establishment has screamed “racism” one too many times; liberals lamenting about how the reason so many black people are in prison doesn’t have anything to do with the actions of individuals, but instead of the racist white culture; the way the left coddles and, in far too many situations, glorifies thug behavior in the media and culture; I could go on and on.

Thug liberalism was evident in last weekend in McKinney, where a group of neighborhood residents, both black and white, decided to have an end-of-school-year pool party for a small group of people. A DJ, who had done this sort of thing before, found out about the party and tweeted out to thousands of people you could come to the private party for $15—which clearly they could not, because they were not invited. The area soon became overrun by thugs and non-thugs alike and the cellphone cameras started rolling. When the single police officer arrived to try and quell the growing chaos, he was rushed by several thugs and, when one of these little innocent babies put his hand in his waistband, as looking to pull a gun, the police officer drew his weapon and started subduing the escalating situation as best he could. And boom—roll tape.


So yes, we live in very sad times of thug liberalism. What is even more disgusting is that, instead of holding these adolescents and young adults accountable for trespassing on private property, blasting vulgar rap music when children are present, getting stoned and drunk, hopping the fence into a private neighborhood pool, rushing a cop, beating up a mother of three and screaming slurs and cursing out residents, the media instead wants to scream “Rayyyyysisis whitey cop!” and not actually do research into the rest of the story. Once again, the collective left got it wrong. But no matter—the usual race- hustling suspects showed up a couple of days later, demanding the cop be fired and presumably tarred and feathered, and that the poor little lambs who started the entire fracas get statues erected in their misunderstood honors.

Meanwhile, over in Beech City, Indiana, thug liberalism reared its ugly head in the shampoo aisle in Walmart. One woman, who for some reason was riding around in a rolling cart when she was clearly not disabled (just lazy I presume), got into a verbal altercation with another woman over God-knows-what. Now, both these women are white (I must clarify this because evidently someone’s amount of skin pigment is the most important thing in any story—that is, unless the perpetrator is black and the victim is white) and one woman had a son with her. While seemingly the entire store–including the staff–stood back and taped their entire beatdown on their phones, the two women got full MMA on each other—with a bit of feminine hair-pulling put in for good measure. As the chaos escalated, the son of one of the elegant flowers started beating his not-mother and getting in the faces of shoppers who were half-heartedly trying to get him (and them) to stop. With shrieks of “I don’t play!” and “You can’t tell me what to do!” this little thug-in-training essentially guaranteed his incarceration in a mere 10 years.


The jutting chins; the “buck” and the “bow”: the constant cries of false racism; the ease and speed to which these thugs will start throwing fists, promoting dehumanizing music that is music only in the strictest sense of the word; yanking hair/weave, and behaving like jail-house freaks—this is the embodiment of thug liberalism. And it is a liberalism encouraged by the media, establishment Democrats, and radical leftists whose worst fear is a society that actually reverts back to basic morals, personal responsibility, and following the Golden Rule—because then their power would be greatly diminished.

I pray that our country’s collision course with insanity can somehow be reversed, but with the current leadership and media degenerates running the culture, I’m not terribly optimistic.

Pray for America—we desperately need it.

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