Why the Rachel Dolezal Story is Epic Perfection

For years, conservatives have mocked liberals’ totalitarian and fascist mindsets as being hyper-racialist, psychotically intolerant, and irretrievably illogical.

With the explosion of the Rachel Dolezal story, or “Lady Soul Man” as I like to call her, this mindset is on glaring display with predictably hysterical results.

Let’s recap (for the two cats and Baby Jessica who’ve been stuck in a well for the last week and have no idea what a Rachel Dolezal is).

The story that conservatives around the world are at once salivating over and having giggle fits about was first broken last week. Rachel Dolezal, the (now former) leader of the Spokane, Washington NAACP, was confronted by a local news reporter about her claims of being black. It seems her parents had “outed” her as being—gasp!—WHITE—because they were concerned about her potential legal case involving some maayyyyybe little white lies (errr, I mean, FRAUD) about receiving racist hate mail in her mailbox at NAACP’s headquarters. The reporter asked her point blank if she was “African American” and Rachel balked at his question. He asked her if her father, of whom he held up a picture, was really her father and not the random black dude she’d been passing off as her father for ten years. She called the reporter “mean.” (Yes, Rachel, it’s “mean” to call utter mental patients out of their lies, I suppose.) The reporter was making the roundabout point that Dolezeal had used her pretend “blackness” to move up in the ranks of the NAACP, and Eastern Washington University, where she taught African studies (where, evidently, she once told a light-skinned Hispanic girl she wasn’t “Hispanic looking enough” to participate in an exercise rife with pretentious import—you know, bashing whitey).

Now, what would cause a seemingly normal (ahem) woman to use makeup to darken her skin, kink and darken her hair, tell her adopted black siblings to not “out” her as white and to force them to accept her lie passing them off as biological siblings, and claim to be black on her NAACP application?

Could it be—self-hatred? Could it be—racism on the part of black people?

I suspect it is.

In 2002, after graduating with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Howard University (no small feat, and all who have seen her work admit she is greatly talented), she ended up suing the very institution who had given her a full-ride scholarship. It seems that admissions at Howard—often cited as the Ivy League of Historical Black Colleges—assumed she was black when she applied, because her entire body of work was African American art. Fast forward to her arrival at Howard. According to her brother Ezra and court documents, Dolezal felt excluded, was treated in a hostile manner, and essentially shunned from campus life by students and professors alike because—she was white. She gradually started loathing her whiteness and white culture in general—and would tell everyone she could about the evils of whitey. She turned one of her siblings into a full-fledged racist who parroted her bizarre fixation on hating people with an ethnically white background.

But wait! liberals stutter. BLACK people can’t be racist! They are the victims! They are the oppressed! It’s the white man’s greed that runs a world in need! It’s no justice no peace! It’s hands up don’t shoot! It’s I can’t breathe! It’s justice for Trayvon! It’s until Barack ran for president I hadn’t been proud of my country in my adult life!

This false and dangerous mindset is what makes the racehustlers’ world go round—that all around us, in every corner, there’s an evil white person just dying to oppress a black person. Except—in Dolezal’s case at Howard, it was the other way around.

Curious, isn’t it?

Also curious is the Left’s reaction to her “white outing” and her insistence that she identifies as black for at least the last six years (her parents deny her claims that she’d felt “transracial” since a small girl and that in essence she instead has some serious mental issues). Let’s imagine for a moment if I were to all of the sudden do all the things Rachel did to fake being black and then, when confronted, pulled a “whoopsie” and justified my bizarre actions by saying I felt black and you have to accept me as part of the black race now. Imagine ANY conservative pulling this foolery. We’d be laughed at, mocked, disparaged, shamed, and figuratively tarred and feathered. But what is the left-wing media punditry’s reaction? Let me nutshell it. It’s essentially: Oh, come on. Give her a break. So what if she identifies as black! Who are you to say she can’t?

Allow me to answer that. The Left, who claims to have the last word on science when it comes to the worldwide global warming hoax, seeks to disregard the very real science of genetics and racial makeup. Just like Bruce Jenner can never truly be “Caitlyn” because he has that pesky Y chromosome no matter with which gender he identifies, Dolezal can’t be black because she ISN’T BLACK. She is Caucasian. But—when it comes to progressive, liberal politics, anything goes—because Lady Soul Man identifies with them. It would be a much different picture if it was a conservative doing something so blatantly fraudulent.

And that is the moral of the story: if you are a leftist, ANYTHING GOES. It doesn’t matter how stupid, how assbackwards, how preposterous: if you are a fellow traveler, you’re golden. As long as you walk in lockstep and act like a good little totalitarian left-wing radical psycho, there is literally nothing you can do wrong.

Rachel Dolezal is simply one of them, so she will not only be forgiven, but she is now the Left’s latest oppressed victim.

And how dare you think otherwise, you Nazi!

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